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RACE DAY...Monday May 27th, 2013 at Fallasburg Park - picnic site B-3 in Lowell, Michigan

Each loop is the same in the race...bring your water belts and trail shoes. You will run by your car on each loop so bring any supplies that you need. You may also drop off any aid station stuff that you want to have waiting for you at the half way loop aid station if you want to. You will Experience the Wild Flower Season of the late spring/early summer season so you may want to bring your camera...this is a special treat for all nature lovers. Fans who come to watch the race can even bring their fishing poles to give a try in the things for sure is that if the fish arn't biting the mosquitos will be!

This is true Ultra Trail Race Course and comes with a shallow water crossings and rolling trails...

COME PREPARED: ...the best advice for Ultra Runners is this..."don't let the last things on your mind become the first things on your mind during your race!" cover all the little details...bring extra shoes, socks, flash light, gel packs, extra clothes, food, etc. if you don't have a crew coming with you to crew your race then let the race directors know so that they can keep an extra eye on you. 

Water aid stations will be limited to half way and the start/finish loop so bring your water belts... team and individual support crews can go to four different support stops along the course to give aid to runners.

This is a great race for teams and individuals looking for a fun challenge...but you must pre-register.

The course is a single loop 10.33 mile route that you run 6 times for the 100k distance. Each loop will be the same so you will gain some famililiar with the course and either look forward or dread each loop. There will be different "areas" of Western Flare or Points of Interest with in the loop to give you that real western down home feel out on the trails. Runners will begin in the open Grassy Plain area of the Fallasburg through the park over grass, into some brief woods, over a foot bridge that traverses the river then out the park and the Journey begins...

The first segment is called the Plains: open trail through tall grass... nothing hard, just easy running on flat terrain

The second segment is called Indian Territory: this could be the roughest trail section of the course, wooded trails, one steep down hill, one shallow creek crossing (that should be dry by summer time), nice wooded trail sections followed by the dreaded up hill "FRED" Hill...(yes you will Dread the Fred!), after some more nice trails you will ascend up "Little Chuck"...(yes Chuck Norris worthy....and it will be sure to make you walk!)...then its all down hill to the loops only aid station.

LAST CHANCE WATERING HOLE: TIME TO FILL UP FOR THE LONG JOURNEY AHEAD...we will provide water, gatoraid, cola and snacks...and yes even some great western music!

*If you want to cheer on the runners then this is the place to go. Get there by driving your car out of the c-3 picnic site and turn left and go over the historic covered bridge and continue straight until the road ends at the stop sign. Turn right onto Mc Pherson road and go 1.2 miles to Whites Bridge road. Turn left onto Whites Bridge Road and go 1.2 miles until you see the aid station on your left. You may park along the road. The runners run through the gravel leave the middle open.Wink

Back in the trails you'll cross a mini dessert and traverse some great trails, a Wagon trail for one mile that follows an old two track that's well rutted out and its back in the trails before the final challenge to end the loop..

The final challenge...Marshall's Last Stand: the last trail section to the end of the loop and all the gratification, accolades and congratalatories that come with a great accomplishment...get through this trail portion, cross over the "Rio Grande" River Crossing (knee high) and the Finish Line is All Yours!!!

...Yee Haa...REMEMBER that Ultras are not measured in miles and feet...they are measured in increments of FEAR!

LOOP BREAKDOWN: each loop contains less that 100 yards of cement and you can run on the shoulder of the Whitesbridge Road when you get out on it....there is a cement foot bridge crossing at the start of each loop(this way you get to keep your shoes dry until the end of each loop), the rest is just some of the best trail and off road running that you can find East of the Mississippi. The diversity of the different types of trails are what you will remember most...besides The Fred!