May 27, 2013 Results

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Cool temperatures greeted this year's 50K runners and the last two weeks rain left the stretch on the couse called "The Larry" in it's muddiest version yet! High river depths also brought along high current challenges and unusally high water levels as some runners got water above their waist!!!. The fridgit water temperature would have been welcomed on a hot day but today's 50 degree temps made the river crossing an ice bath that recovered the legs but challenged the soul for another lap and caused several drop outs. 

Defending Champion and Course Record Holder Ben Van Hoose of Greenville, Michigan easily defended his title with the overall crown with a 4:53:55 victory. New Comer Emily Machiela of Grand Rapids, Michigan won big in 5:38:12.

Men's Results:

1. Ben VanHoose m-31...4:53:55; 2. Dewey Flinn m-48...6:19:34; 3. Dustin A. Smith m-29...7:00:18; 4. Charles Fritz m-38...7:08:58; 5. Corey Baker...m-43...7:29:20; 6. Doug Mackenzie m-40...7:55:55; 7. Stu Allen m-53...8:05:34; 8. Bill Sparling m-62...8:28:38

Women's Results:

1. Emily Machiela f-25...5:38:12; 2. Sarah Corliss f-38...7:25:45; 3. Shelia Allen f-50....8:05:25; 4. Beth Gilday f-51...8:28:38; 5. Dena Eaton f-41...8:51:27

Relay Team Results:

1. LBC Returns...4:19:40; 2. Old Farts #1...4:51:10; 3. Old Farts #3...4:52:59; 4. Old Farts #2...5:01:02; 5. Kickin Up Dirt...5:31:55; 6. Rich and the Ladies...6:13:45; 7. The Pigeons...6:38:13; 8. Grumpy Old Men...7:03:47